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One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part Two - "Industrial Wasteland"

Industrial Wasteland is west of Carthage Docks. The description is "This is where the heavy industry of Carthage is located. All around you are ship-builders[apostrophe] yards, huge pottery factories churning out thousands of amphorae, silos storing grain for shipment to Rome. The docks are to the east. To the south you see a sign over a door advertising a Greek doctor: the traditional symbol of the caduceus with a duck sitting atop it."

iw_scenery is scenery in Industrial Wasteland. Understand "ship", "shipyard", "shipyards", "amphora", "amphorae", "factory", "pot", "pottery", "silo", "silos", "grain", and "ship-builders" as iw_scenery. Instead of examining iw_scenery, try looking.

The quack_sign is scenery in Industrial Wasteland. The printed name is "sign". The description is "The caduceus is, of course, the traditional symbol of Asclepius, god of medicine[26 as a footnote]. The duck is just traditional among Greek doctors who minister to sailors and similar low-lives." Understand "sign", "door", "duck", "caduceus", "quack", and "sitting" as the quack_sign.

Instead of going west in Industrial Wasteland, say "Your way is blocked by the locked gate of a particularly large amphora factory."

Instead of going north in Industrial Wasteland, say "You can't find an unguarded entrance to the shipyard. Suspicious lot, these Carthaginians."

Harbor Ruins is north of Carthage Docks. The description is "Burned-out ruins surround what once was Carthage's War Harbor. So far, there is little sign of rebuilding here. The agora is a bit farther north, and to the south is the mercantile harbor."

The scenery_harbor_ruins is scenery in Harbor Ruins. Understand "harbor", "war", "ruins", "burned", "burned-out", "charred", "timber", "walls", "crumbled", "fallen", "stone", "stones", "black", "blackened", and "rubble" as the scenery_harbor_ruins. The description is "The ruins are pretty depressing: charred, fallen timber, blackened stones, crumbled walls." Check taking the scenery_harbor_ruins: instead say "There's no reason to disturb these ruins, and if you stirred up a ghost, you might get cursed."