Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 73 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Volume Five - "Shipboard"

Book One - "Machinery"

Shipboard is a region. The Poop Deck is in Shipboard.

Stiffy At Sea is a recurring scene. Stiffy At Sea begins when the location is in Shipboard. Stiffy At Sea ends when the location is not in Shipboard.

Test Sb1 with "Poop / Kiss Palinurus / Ask Palinurus about Sea / Ask Palinurus about beer / Ask Palinurus about Destinations / Ask Palinurus about Cuma / Test Cumae / Ask Palinurus about Carthage / Test Sicily".

Test Sb2 with "Ask Palinurus about Carthage / D / Test Carthage / E / Ask Palinurus about Jaffa / Test Judaea1 ".

Test Sb3 with "Ask Palinurus about Egypt / Test Egypt / U ".

Test sb4 with "Ask Palinurus about Jaffa / D / Test judaea2".

Test sb5 with "Ask Palinurus about Thessalonica".

Test min-midgame with "Ask Palinurus about Carthage / Test min-Sicily / Ask Palinurus about Carthage / Test min-Carthage / Ask Palinurus about Judaea / Test min-jud1".

Test min-whale with "Wear beard/wear tallis/ask palinurus about syracuse / remove toga/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z".

Test min-sea with "test min-midgame / test min-whale / test min-africa / test hippo / ask palinurus about jaffa / D / test judaea2 ".

Test sbwhale with "Wear beard/wear tallis/pray/ask palinurus about Jaffa / remove toga/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z".

Test shipboard with "test sb1 / test sb2 /test sb3 / test sbwhale / test africa / test hippo/ test sb4 / test sb5".

Test To-Shipboard with "Test To-Ostia / Test Ostia ".

This is the all-aboard-the-ass rule:

if Archie is unboinked and the location is Syracuse


say "Bruno shrugs. 'We're going nowhere in this storm. Go get yourself some shore leave, Master Makane.'";

rule fails;


if the signet ring is not worn and the Poop Deck is not_warned_about


say "Bruno, the captain of [italic type]The Golden Ass[roman type], refuses to let you board. 'I'm sorry, young master Makane,' he says, 'but unless you're wearing your father's signet ring, I don't know that he's really allowed you to command my vessel.'";

rule fails;


if the player is filthy


say "Bruno gags as you approach. 'Please, young master Makane, go clean yourself up first!'";

rule fails;


say "Bruno bows slightly to you as you board the ship.";

move the player to the Poop Deck;

now the Poop Deck is warned_about;

rule succeeds;

end if;

end if;

end if.