Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 72 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part Two - "Bruno"

Bruno is a man in Dockside. He is scenery. The description is "Bruno is the ship's captain. He's got a shaved head, a droopy moustache, a neck like a bull's, and huge arms." Understand "captain", "sailor", and "man" as Bruno. The default reply of Bruno is "Bruno scratches his head. 'Alas, young Master Makane, I can't help you there.'" The conversation of Bruno is the Table of Bruno's Chatter.

Bruno's head is part of Bruno. Understand "bald", "shaved", "shaven", and "oiled" as Bruno's head. The description is "Bruno's head is shaved and oiled."

Bruno's neck is part of Bruno. Understand "bull's", "bull", and "thick" as Bruno's neck. The description is "Bruno's neck is the size of your thigh."

Bruno's arms are part of Bruno. They are ambiguously plural. The description is "Bruno's arms are hugely muscled." Understand "arm", "muscle", "muscles", "muscled", and "huge" as Bruno's arms.

Bruno's moustache is part of Bruno. The description is "Bruno has a black moustache that droops down on either side of his mouth." Understand "black", "mouth", and "droopy" as Bruno's moustache.

Instead of giving or showing the ring to Bruno:

if the Poop Deck is not_warned_about


say "Bruno nods. 'Indeed, Master Makane. The [italic type]Golden Ass[roman type] is yours to command.";

now the Poop Deck is warned_about;


say "Bruno nods.";

end if.

Instead of touching, rubbing, sucking, fucking, blowing, kissing, or wanking off Bruno:

If Stiffy Makane is filthy, instead say "Bruno gags. 'Bath,' he chokes, pointing eastwards.";

say "Bruno shakes his head. 'Alas, young Master Makane, you're not my type,' he explains.".

Before asking Bruno about "signet ring", instead try asking Bruno about "ring".

Before asking Bruno about "signet/ring":

if the Poop Deck is warned_about, instead try asking Bruno about "#fake0".

Table of Bruno's Chatter

topicreplysummaryturn stamp
"#fake0""'Master Makane, you have proven your authority to command me and my vessel.'""he has seen you with the ring, so now he knows you're entitled to command the ship"a number
"ring/signet""'Come to me wearing the ring, young master Makane, and we'll go wherever you say.'""if you wear the ring, he will take your orders"--
"dad/pa/father/pop/Gallio/Gallus/Cock/Cocky" or "Gallio Macanus Gallus""'I owe him everything.'""he is fanatically loyal to your father"--
"ship/golden/ass/yacht/boat/vessel" or "Golden Ass""'Truly a beauty, isn't she?'""he is proud of the ship"--
"Syra""Bruno says nothing, but blushes.""apparently he also knows Syra"--