Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 58 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Chapter Three - "Tablinum"

Section One - "Tablinum"

The Tablinum is a room. It is north of the Atrium. "The Tablinum is your father's office. It is situated between the atrium to the south and the peristyle to the north. The walls are covered in expensive and tasteful murals, and the floor is an intricate mosaic. A chair and table constitute the forum from which your father conducts his business, and the chest containing the family finances squats in the corner. Beside it is a tall varnished scroll cabinet."

The scenery_tablinum_murals are scenery in the Tablinum. They are ambiguously plural. Understand "murals", "mural", "wall", "walls", "painting", "paintings", "satyr", "nymph", "girl", "pretty", "Urgulania", "forest", "chase", "tasteful", "expensive", and "rape" as the scenery_tablinum_murals. The description is "A satyr chases a pretty girl through a forest in this artistic recreation of the founding myth of the Makane clan." The printed name is "murals".

The scenery_tablinum_mosaic is scenery in the Tablinum. Understand "floor", "mosaic", "octopus", "ship", "huge", "merchant", "sailor", "sailors", "sea", and "kraken" as the scenery_tablinum_mosaic. The description is "A huge octopus drags a merchant ship, filled with sailors, to a watery grave." The printed name is "mosaic".

The wooden chair is a supporter in the Tablinum. It is scenery. The description is "This is just an ordinary wooden chair." Understand "wood" as the wooden chair. Instead of entering the wooden chair, say "Your father is already sitting in the chair, and it's not big enough for two." Check taking the wooden chair: instead say "It's already in use." It is enterable. Instead of doing anything other than examining or entering with the wooden chair, say "The chair is under your father, and trying to do much of anything to it while it's in that state would be unwise." Instead of putting anything on the chair, try taking the chair.

The chest is a container in the Tablinum. It is scenery. It is openable. It is closed. It is lockable. It is locked. The description is "It's a small iron coffer, inside which, doubtless, rest the liquid assets of the Makane clan." Understand "iron" and "coffer" as the chest. Instead of doing anything other than examining with the chest, say "Your father's right here. If you need money, you'd better ask him for it."

The scroll cabinet is a container in the Tablinum. It is scenery. The description is "This is a tall scroll cabinet, in varnished wood, with many cubbyholes for your father's scrolls. Most of them are full." Understand "scrolls", "cubbyhole", "cubbyholes", "tall", "wood", "wooden", "varnished" or "varnish" as the scroll cabinet. Instead of doing anything other than examining with the cabinet, say "Your father shoots you a glance that means, approximately, that he has his cabinet organized just the way he likes it, thank you, and that your help is neither required nor appreciated."

The signet ring is an ornament. The description is "Your father's signet ring, embossed with the emblem of the Makane family: a satyr rampant." Understand "satyr" and "rampant" as the signet ring. Instead of rolling the signet ring, say "The seal on it makes it unlikely to roll very well."