Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 218 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Chapter Two - " Trivia"

Test mystery-goddess with "n / pray to trivia / undress / undress trivia / fuck trivia / wear toga".

Table of Trivial Chatter

topicreplysummaryturn stamp
"__unknown""You can't get there from here""you should not have gotten this message"a number

The mysterious goddess is a woman. The description is "[The mysterious goddess] is breathtakingly beautiful. She has dusky skin, flowing black hair, gorgeous deep-brown eyes, and a trim but curvaceous body. [if the simple white tunic is worn by the mysterious goddess]She is attired in a simple white tunic and wears golden sandals on her shapely feet[otherwise]She stands naked before you: [end if]." She is not proper-named. The printed name is "mysterious goddess". Understand "mysterious", "breathtaking", "breathtakingly", "beautiful", "beauty", "curvaceous", "curvy", "voluptuous", "woman", "girl", "god", and "goddess" as the mysterious goddess. Does the player mean doing something with the mysterious goddess: it is likely. Instead of smelling the mysterious goddess, say "The scent of a delicate and spicy perfume wafts from [the mysterious goddess]." Understand "Trivia", "last", "lousy", and "point" as the mysterious goddess when the mysterious goddess is proper-named. [ So "score last lousy point" works. ] The default reply of the mysterious goddess is "This is a bug: you should never get here." The conversation of the mysterious goddess is the Table of Trivial Chatter. The mysterious goddess has a horniness. The mysterious goddess is unaroused. The mysterious goddess has a number called the trivia-clock. The trivia-clock is 5.

Before asking the mysterious goddess about something:

if the topic understood matches "Trivia", instead say "The goddess smiles. 'Maybe. Why don't you try asking that in the form of a prayer?'";

if the mysterious goddess is unaroused, instead say "The goddess smiles indulgently. 'You have [the trivia-clock of the mysterious goddess in words]minute[if the trivia-clock of the mysterious goddess > 1]s[end if] left to guess my name,' she says. 'Don't waste it in idle chitchat.'";

say "'I didn't come here to chat,' says [the mysterious goddess], 'and anyway, what I know about any topic[emdash]really, [italic type]any[roman type] topic would fill human lifetimes.'";

stop the action.

Before showing or giving something to the mysterious goddess:

say "[The mysterious goddess] waves a hand impatiently. 'Bah,' she says, 'I didn't come here for [the noun].";

stop the action.

This is the spurning-the-goddess rule:

if the mysterious goddess is in the location


if the mysterious goddess is unaroused


say "[The mysterious goddess] shakes her head ruefully. 'Wouldn't have figured you to be the sort of man to give up on a challenge like that,' she says. 'Oh well, your loss.' She vanishes with a dainty thunderclap.[paragraph break]";


say "'Spurned!' shouts [the mysterious goddess]. She eyes you with some bitterness. 'Really? It's like I don't even know you anymore.' She vanishes with a thunderclap.[paragraph break]";

end if;

move the mysterious goddess to Limbo;

end if.