Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 154 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part One - "Tripping Balls"

Tripping Balls is a scene. Tripping Balls begins when the location is the Druidic Grove. Tripping Balls ends when the location is not the Druidic Grove.

When Tripping Balls begins:

choose a row with a character of "Druidic priestess" in the Table of Fictional Cast Members;

now the met entry is true.

Every turn during Tripping Balls:

if a random chance of 1 in 6 succeeds


say "[Hallucination][paragraph break]";

end if.

Hallucinations seen is a number that varies. Hallucinations seen is 0.

To say hallucination:

let N be the number of rows in the Table of Hallucinations;

if hallucinations seen is N


repeat through the Table of Hallucinations


now the already seen entry is false;

end repeat;

now hallucinations seen is 0;

end if;

let T be true;

while T is true


choose a random row in the Table of Hallucinations;

let T be the already seen entry;

end while;

now the already seen entry is true;

let the sc_obj be the scenery_thing entry;

move the sc_obj to the Druidic Grove;

increase hallucinations seen by 1;

say "[Hallucination entry]".

Table of Hallucinations

hallucinationalready seenscenery_thing
"A giant bat-winged creature with your father's head swoops down out of the trees, shrieking curses at you in some barbaric tongue. Just before its razor talons rip into you, it dissolves in a shower of silvery sparkles."falsebat_trip
"A troupe of friendly little mushroom-folk with wooden hunting spears chant an intricate harmony as they wend their way out of the forest, between your feet, twice around the altar, and back into the forest."falseshroom_trip
"The pirate captain straightens up from the altar, grins, exposing blackened, rotten teeth, and vomits a stream of toads and wasps at you. You reel back, shielding your face with your arm, and when you lower it, there's nothing there."falsepirate_trip
"The oak trees overhead shift bewilderingly through a range of violently vibrant colors before returning to their normal state."falsetree_trip
"Everything turns inside out for one gut-wrenching second."falseeversion_trip
"A family of bears[emdash]Papa, Mama, and Baby[emdash]wander through the clearing, leading a bedraggled naked blonde woman on a chain."falsebear_trip
"The Great God Glub dances a polka atop the altar, and then vanishes with a loud 'bloink' and the scent of rabbit stew."falseglub_trip