Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 148 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part One - "Cabin Boy"

Captain's Cabin is a room. The description is "The captain's cabin is sumptuously appointed in stolen silks and velvets, bedecked with jewels and bedizened with gold. Somewhere under all the fine fabric is probably a bed."

The cabin_scenery is scenery in the Captain's Cabin. The printed name is "treasure". The description is "A ridiculous profusion of silks, velvets, cloths-of-gold, rubies, garnets, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, silver, gold..." Understand "ridiculous", "profusion", "treasure", "booty", "silk", "silks", "velvet", "velvets", "hewel","jewels", "ruby", "rubies","garnet", "garnets","emerald", "emeralds","sapphire","sapphires","amethyst","amethysts","silver","gold","golden","cloth", "cloth-of-gold", "cloths-of-god","fabric","fabrics","bed","dedecked","bedizened","fine",and "sumptuous" as the cabin_scenery.

The loincloth is a garment. The description is "It's a loincloth, made from rough burlap." Understand "rough", "scratchy", "cloth", and "burlap" as the loincloth. The warmth of the loincloth is 0.

Instead of kissing, buggering, rubbing, touching, sucking, fucking, blowing, wanking off, or eating the pirate captain, say "The pirate captain smiles beatifically as you get to work."

Before doing anything other than examining or waiting during Pirate Booty:

if the time since Pirate Booty began is at least one minute, instead say "The pirate captain has other ideas.";

continue the action;

When Pirate Booty ends:

say "You probably know what happens next. It happens a bunch of times. It happens over and over and over, in fact, often quite pleasantly, until, several weeks later, the captain tires of you, having caught himself a lissome Syrian boy, and banishes you to the galley, where you are chained to an oar, just like the rest of the captain's former paramours.";

now the description of the roman_sky_scenery is "The sun beams down from a clear blue sky.";

record "an effeminate Greek pirate" as achieved;

now the loincloth is worn by the player;

now the manacles are worn by the player;

now the shackles are worn by the player;

really have the parser notice the oar;

move the player to the rowing bench.