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One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part Two - "Sybil"

The Cumaean Sybil is a woman in the Sybilline Grotto. The indefinite article is "the". The description is "Hanging in a bottle, like a cat[66 as a reference][67 as a reference], is the wizened, shrunken form of the Cumaean Sybil." The conversation of the Cumaean Sybil is the Table of Cumaean Chatter. The default reply of the Cumaean Sybil is "No sound issues from the bottle." Understand "cumean", "cat", "dimly", "wizened", "shrunken", "form", "prophetess", "prophet", "seer", "fortune-teller", and "oracle" as the Cumaean Sybil.

The hanging_bottle is scenery in the Sybilline Grotto. The printed name is "hanging bottle". The indefinite article is "the". The description is "The bottle is made of smoked glass. It is perhaps three feet tall, but with a narrow neck, and it hangs from the ceiling. The shrunken form of the Sybil is dimly visible through it." Understand "hanging", "bottle", "three", "feet", "smooth", "heavy", "cold", "flavorless", "chain", "chained", "large", "big", "smoked", "glass", "ceiling", "cage", and "ampulla" as the hanging_bottle. Instead of attacking the hanging_bottle, try attacking the Cumaean Sybil. Instead of touching, rubbing, pushing, or pulling the hanging_bottle, say "It is smooth, cold glass, and surprisingly heavy." Instead of kissing the hanging_bottle, say "You osculate cold glass. The Sybil doesn't seem to care." Instead of tasting the hanging_bottle, say "Cold and flavorless, like you'd expect from a glass bottle." Instead of blowing the hanging_bottle, say "The neck is too high off the ground." Instead of taking the hanging_bottle, say "It is big, and chained to the ceiling; you can't."

Instead of touching, rubbing, sucking, fucking, blowing, kissing, or wanking off the Cumaean Sybil:

say "Fortunately for all concerned, the neck of the bottle is too narrow.". Instead of attacking the Cumaean Sybil, say "Violence really, [italic type]really[roman type] isn't the answer to this one."

To say Sybil's lament:

if Unicode compliance is 1


say "'[Greek-lament]";


say "The Sybil mutters in Greek, 'I want to die";

end if;

Table of Cumaean Chatter

topicreplysummaryturn stamp
"me/Stiffy/Makane/Macanus/Lucius/Mentula/Eris/banana/Golden/discordia/Kallisti/future/prophecy" or "Lucius Macanus Mentula" or "Stiffy Makane" or "Macanus Mentula" or "Golden Banana""'To seize the Golden Banana is a mighty deed, but the Son of Aeneas must look to the Son of Abraham to release it from its sheath.'""you will need the help of a Jew to unsheath the Golden Banana"--
"herself/Sybil/Cumean/Cumaean" or "Cumaean Sybil" or "Cumean Sybil""[Sybil's lament][68 as a reference][69 as a reference].'""she wants to die"--
"Apollo""'I really should have asked for eternal youth too. Especially after that whole Tithonus thing.'""Apollo granted her eternal life, but not eternal youth."--
"Tithonus/grasshopper/cricket""'Well, at least I'm not a grasshopper.'""grim as her situation is, she came off better than Tithonus"--
"Syra""'Big-nosed greasy slut.'""She had some harsh words about Syra."--