Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 94 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Book One - "Cumae"

Cumae is a room. "Cumae is a small but thriving port city, with much to offer the merchant, but not very much of interest to you. The docks, and [italic type]The Golden Ass[roman type], are at the western edge of the town. The Sybil's cave is on the shore of Lake Avernus, which is off to the east. In previous years, this would have required a short hike over a ridge, but now one can proceed through the recently-excavated 'Cocceio's Cave' right through the hill to the lake shore."

Instead of going west in Cumae, follow the all-aboard-the-ass rule.

Cumaeans are some men in Cumae. They are ambiguously plural. They are scenery. The description of the Cumaeans is "Passers-by rush to and fro on inscrutable business of their own." Understand "cumean", "cumaeans", "cumaean", "cumeans", "man", "woman", "men", "people", "passer", "passers", "passerby", "passer-byes", "passers-by", and "women" as Cumaeans. The default reply of the Cumaeans is "They pay you no attention." Instead of attacking the Cumaeans, say "They haven't actually done even the least little thing to offend you." Instead of fucking the Cumaeans, say "You don't feel much like random rape of passers-by today." The Cumaeans are unspeakable.

The scenery_cocceio is a backdrop in Cumae. The printed name is "cave". It is in Lake Avernus. The description is "The artificial cave stretches to the [if the location is Cumae]east[otherwise]west[end if].". Understand "cave", "artificial", "Cocceio", and "Cocceio's" as the scenery_cocceio. The scenery_cocceio can be enterable. It is enterable.

Instead of entering the scenery_cocceio:

if the location is Cumae


try going east;


try going west;

end if.