Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 225 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Chapter One - "Mosaics"

Some olympic_bath_mosaics are scenery in Colossal Baths. They are ambiguously plural. The printed name is "mosaic". Understand "mosaic", "mosaics", "colorful", "stone", "picture", "pictures", "shimmer", "shimmering", "reflection", "ripple", "design", "designs", "portrait", and "portraits" as the olympic_bath_mosaics. Instead of doing anything other than examining with the olympic_bath_mosaics, say "They're at the bottom of the baths."

Global_rows_mosaics_mentioned is a number that varies. Global_rows_mosaics_mentioned is 0.

Carry out examining the olympic_bath_mosaics:

If global_rows_mosaics_mentioned is the number of rows in the Table Of Bath Mosaics


repeat through the Table of Bath Mosaics


now the used entry is 0;

end repeat;

now the global_rows_mosaics_mentioned is 0;

end if;

let M be 1;

while M is 1


choose a random row in the Table of Bath mosaics;

if the used entry is 0


now the used entry is 1;

now M is 0;

say "As you stare at the mosaic through the pool, the design seems to shimmer. Suddenly, it rearranges itself and snaps into focus: it's you, [activity entry]! Then it dissolves in a swirl of reflections and ripples.";

increase global_rows_mosaics_mentioned by 1;

end if;

end while;

stop the action.

Table of Bath Mosaics

"trudging up the slopes of Mount Olympus, walking stick in hand"0
"recoiling before the noisome form of Glub"0
"swimming an African lake"0
"diving from the top of the banana tree"0
"disporting with Rachel"0
"being smacked on the penis with the doctor's mallet"0
"standing by as Madame Sosostris upbraids Charon about Phlebas"0
"giving the mask to the Priest of Jupiter Virilis"0
"rowing with Vikings"0
"tasting moonmilk"0
"standing on the poop deck, speaking to Palinurus"0
"watching Zach circumcise the Golden Banana"0