Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 202 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Book One - "Cavern"

Inside_the_Cavern is a room in Mantua_cave. The description is "Dim light trickles from an entrance to the east, illuminating a cramped chamber. Twisted rock forms a suggestion of an arch on the back wall, looking sort of like contorted, interlocking antlers." The printed name is "Inside the Cavern".

Scenery_horn_gate is scenery in Inside_the_Cavern. The printed name is "gate". Understand "gate", "horn", "of", "rock", "formation", "interlocking", "twisted", "contorted", "suggestion", "suggestive", "rock", "suggestively", "back", "wall", "elk", "antler", "antlers", "arch", "archway","gateway", "hornéd", and "horned" as the scenery_horn_gate. Scenery_horn_gate can be enterable. It is enterable. The description of scenery_horn_gate is "From this side, the Gate Of Horn is merely a suggestively-shaped rock formation, rather than an actual gate."

Scenery_chamber is scenery in Inside_the_Cavern. The printed name is "chamber". Understand "small", "passage", "narrow", "chamber", "room", "cave", "cavern", and "cramped" as the scenery_chamber. The description is "This is a small cave, about ten feet by eight feet; a narrow passage rises to the east, opening to the outside. The western wall is a twisted mass of rock, forming the suggestion of a gateway."

Instead of entering the scenery_horn_gate, say "Alas, to return to Hades, you will have to employ more traditional means. From this side, the Gate of Horn is a mere rock formation."

Instead of going west in Inside_the_Cavern, try entering the scenery_horn_gate. Instead of going down in Inside_the_Cavern, try entering the scenery_horn_gate. Instead of going up in Inside_the_Cavern, try going east.

Cavern_Mouth is east of Inside_the_Cavern. The printed name is "Cavern Mouth". The description of Cavern_Mouth is "You are just inside the entrance to a cavern; a cramped passage descends to the west. Green fields are visible outside the cave to the east." Instead of going up in Cavern_Mouth, try going east.

Scenery_cramped_passage is scenery in Cavern_Mouth. The printed name is "cramped passage". Understand "small", "passage", "narrow", and "cramped" as the scenery_cramped_passage. The description is "A narrow passage descends to the west."

Scenery_cavern_fields is scenery in Cavern_Mouth. The printed name is "green fields". The description of scenery_cavern_fields is "Green fields dotted with sheep stretch off to the east." Understand "green", "field", "fields", "dotted", and "sheep" as scenery_cavern_fields. Instead of doing anything other than examining with the scenery_cavern_fields, say "The fields are far away."

Before listening during Bucolic Interlude:

if the location is Cavern_Mouth or the location is Inside_the_Cavern


if Vergil is not handled


if the Table of Bucolic Observations is not empty


stop the action; [ Vergil will declaim for us ]

end if;

end if;

end if.

Before going east in Cavern_Mouth for the first time:

say "You and Madame Sosostris emerge from the shadow of the cave, blinking in the sunlight. A man wearing a toga stands, his back to you, and declaims:[line break]'Come, let us rise: the shade is wont to be[line break]Baneful to singers; baneful is the shade[line break]Cast by the juniper, crops sicken too[line break]In shade. Now homeward, having fed your fill-[line break]Eve's star is rising-go, my she-goats, go.'[paragraph break]";

say "He wipes his brow as if exhausted, and then turns around. Seeing you and Madame Sosostris, he jumps nearly out of his skin.[paragraph break]";

say "However, he quickly recovers his composure and introduces himself as Publius Vergilius Maro, a poet of little repute. He is fascinated by your account of how you came to be in his field near Mantua, [if the toga is not worn by the player and the toga is not carried by the player]offers to clothe you in a decent toga, [end if]and invites the pair of you to stay in his villa, which stands just to the north. He seems to take it as something of a personal vindication that the Gate of Horn actually [italic type]does[roman type] exit into the cave in his pasture.[paragraph break]";

say "Vergil absentmindedly scratches his ear with his pen and mutters, 'I just [italic type]know[roman type] there's a poem in here somewhere.'";

move Madame Sosostris to Field Near Cave;

now Vergil is handled.