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One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Chapter Two - "Charon"

Charon is a man in the riverbank. "A skeletal ferryman in a tattered black robe leans against a long pole here." The description is "Charon, the skeletal ferryman, stands here, leaning [if Charon is broken]heavily [end if]against his pole[if Charon is broken], favoring his right leg[end if]. His skull is fixed in a [if Charon is broken]fearsome grimace[otherwise]cheerful grin[end if]." Brokenness is a kind of value. The brokennesses are broken and fixed. Charon has a brokenness. Charon is broken. After examining Charon for the first time: now Charon is handled. Understand "man", "boatman", "skeletal", "skeleton", and "ferryman" as Charon.

Rule for deciding the concealed possessions of Charon: no.

The pole is a thing. It is held by Charon. The description is "This is a long pole, used by Charon to pole his skiff across the Styx[if Charon is broken]. Charon is leaning heavily on it[end if]." Understand "long" as the pole.

The grimace is a thing. It is part of Charon. The description is "Charon grimaces fiercely. The overall effect is pretty frightening." Understand "tooth" and "teeth" as the grimace.

The grin is a thing. The description is "Charon is grinning toothily. It's cute, but also kind of creepy." Understand "tooth" and "teeth" as the grin.

The charon_skull is a thing. It is part of Charon. The description is "Perfectly ordinary skull, at least for one that's atop an animated skeleton. It has perfectly ordinary glowing coals for eyes, too." Understand "skull" as charon_skull.

The scary_eyes are things. They are part of Charon. The printed name is "glowing coals". The description is "The boatman's eyes glow a deep red." Understand "coals", "glowing", "red", "eye", "eyes", "fire", "fires", "socket", "sockets", and "fiery" as the scary_eyes.

The charon_robe is a garment. It is worn by Charon. The description is "Charon wears a tattered black burial shroud." Understand "tattered", "black", "burial", "shroud", and "robe" as the charon_robe.

The charon_leg is a thing. It is part of Charon. The description is "[if Charon is broken]Charon seems to be favoring his right leg. It must really hurt him[otherwise]Charon's legs are hidden by the robes, and you see nothing special about them[end if]." Understand "legs", "leg" and "right" as the charon_leg.

The default reply of Charon is "[if Charon is broken]Charon shakes his head grimly[otherwise]Charon indicates his total lack of lungs, and clatters his teeth together for emphasis[end if]. ". Charon is unspeakable.

Instead of showing something that is not the bone to Charon, say "Charon regards you steadily and uninterestedly with the glowing red fires deep in his eye sockets. He quietly and slowly shakes his skull from side to side."

Instead of giving something that is not the bone to Charon, try showing the noun to Charon.

Instead of showing the bone to Charon, say "Charon nods excitedly. He makes a motion as of receiving the bone, and then pantomimes poling his skiff."

Instead of giving the bone to Charon:

now Charon is fixed;

say "Charon slides to the ground, his back to the gondola. He reaches under his robe, and with a horrible crackling sound, emerges with his lower leg and right foot, which he carefully sets on the sand next to him. His teeth grind against each other as he yanks out a yellowed, thoroughly cracked femur, which he glances at and then tosses into the Styx, where it vanishes with a forlorn 'bloop.' He takes the bone you've given him, and you hear a snap as it fits into place. He reattaches his lower leg, and hops to his feet in an almost sprightly manner, briskly dusting off his robe and his phalanges. He cheerily tosses his pole from hand to hand, demonstrating that he doesn't need it to lean on anymore.[paragraph break]";

say "He sketches a bow and indicates to you[if the location of Madame Sosostris is the Riverbank] and Madame Sosostris[end if] that you are welcome to board.";

move the grimace to Limbo;

now the grin is part of Charon;

really have the parser notice Charon;

move the bone to Limbo.

Instead of attacking or kicking Charon, say "You are, somehow, certain that that would not be a wise course of action."

Instead of touching, rubbing, sucking, fucking, blowing, kissing, or wanking off Charon, say "Although that's a breathtakingly ambitious thought, you're much too terrified of Charon to try it."