Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 181 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part Ten - "Bloody Wood"

Chapter One - "Bloody Wood"

The Bloody Wood is west of the Slough of Despond. The description is "The forest is thick and, horrifyingly, bloody: blood drips from broken branches; it oozes from cracks in the tree bark; it wells from the ground. Nightingales perch on the gory branches, singing happily. A faint trail leads back to the east."

Before going east from the Bloody Wood when no garment is worn by the player, instead say "You would be cut to ribbons by the brambles. Best put on some clothing first.";

The scenery_blood is scenery in the Bloody Wood. The printed name is "blood". Understand "blood", "branches", "gore", and "gory" as scenery_blood. The description is "Thick, clotting, oozing blood permeates everything here." Instead of doing anything other than examining with the scenery_blood, say "That's a repulsive idea. No."

Some nightingales are scenery in the Bloody Wood. They are ambiguously plural. Understand "nightingale", "bird", "songbird", "songbirds", and "birds" as the nightingales. The description is "Nightingales sing prettily throughout the wood."

The guano is scenery in the Bloody Wood. Understand "liquid", "siftings", "crap", "birdshit", and "shit" as guano. The description is "Bird guano spots nearly everything here."

The convent_scenery is scenery in the Bloody Wood. The printed name is "Convent of the Sacred Heart". Understand "Convent", "Sacred", "of", and "Heart" as the convent_scenery. The description is "Well, it must be around here somewhere, but you sure can't see it."

The fine Falernian wine is a thing. The description is "This is a bottle of fine Falernian wine." The printed name is "bottle of fine Falernian wine". Instead of drinking the fine Falernian wine, say "Oddly, you've never cared for Falernian wine. Perhaps someone else would appreciate it more." Understand "bottle" or "bottle of wine" or "bottle of Falernian wine" or "bottle of fine wine" or "bottle of fine Falernian wine" as the fine Falernian wine. Instead of opening the fine Falernian wine, say "It's easily corked and uncorked, so don't worry about it." Instead of smelling the fine Falernian wine, say "You open the bottle and take a deep snort: grapes and flowers. You re-cork the bottle." Instead of rolling the fine Falernian wine, say "That would probably disturb the lees in the bottom. Best not."