Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 159 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Book Two - "Game Room"

Olympus is a region. Game Room is a room in Olympus.

The last place checked is a number that varies. The last place checked is 0.

Game Room is a room. The description is "This is the game room of the gods. Heavy velvet curtains line the walls[if the player is Stiffy Makane], concealing the entry to the west[end if]; couches surround the table for the delectation of spectators."

Before going west when the player is Divine Eris:

say "Well, yes, you [italic type]could[roman type] leave the game room, but you really think you had better not until you solve your problem.";

stop the action.

Some couches are supporters in the Game Room. They are scenery. The description is "Overstuffed brown leather sofas provide a comfortable lounge for the gods to comment on others[apostrophe] games." Understand "overstuffed", "leather", "sofa", "sofas", "lounge", "comfortable", "brown", and "couch" as the couches. Instead of taking, pushing, or pulling the couches, say "They're too large to comfortably move." Instead of searching the couches, say "Unfortunately, with Mercury around, there's hardly ever any change fallen behind the couch cushions." Instead of looking under the couches, say "There's nothing under the couches."

Some heavy velvet curtains are scenery in Game Room. They are ambiguously plural. The description is "Heavy green velvet curtains line the walls." Understand "green", "drape", "drapes", "curtain", and "arras" as the heavy velvet curtains. Some heavy velvet curtains can be openable. They are openable. Instead of opening the heavy velvet curtains, try searching the heavy velvet curtains.

Instead of searching the heavy velvet curtains:

if the player is Divine Eris


now the last place checked is 1;

now the heavy velvet curtains are handled;

say "You accusingly whip aside the curtains, but find nothing.";


say "There is nothing behind the curtains.";

end if.