Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 131 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part Three - "The Great Harbor"

Chapter One - "Scenery"

Great Harbor is an Alexandrian street. It is north from By The Museum. "The Street of the Soma ends here at the Great Harbor. To the east towers the wall surrounding Cleopatra's palace and Alexander's tomb, broken by a small gate next to a guardhouse. Across the harbor to the north stands the majestic Pharos lighthouse. [if the surly guard is handled]A guard rests on a bench inside the guardhouse[otherwise]A surly-looking guard stands stiffly by the gate[end if]." Instead of going inside in Great Harbor, try going east.

The great_harbor_scenery is scenery in Great Harbor. The printed name is "Great Harbor". The indefinite article is "the". The description is "Many ships, mostly grain barges, rest at anchor in the Great Harbor." Understand "grain", "barge", "ship", "ships", "anchor", "anchored", "boat", "boats", "water", "great", and "harbor" as the great_harbor_scenery.

The guardhouse is scenery in Great Harbor. The description is "It's a little hut: essentially, a doorway, a small box, a roof to keep the sun off, and, inside, a bench." It is a supporter. The guardhouse can be enterable. It is enterable. Understand "hut", "little", "doorway", "small", "box", "roof", "shade", "gatehouse", "shady", and "bench" as the guardhouse. Instead of putting something on the guardhouse, try entering the guardhouse.

Instead of entering the guardhouse:

if the surly guard is handled


say "The guardhouse is occupied, and there's only room for one person on the bench.";


say "'No,' growls the guard, menacing you with his spear.";

end if;

stop the action.

Before going east in Great Harbor:

if the surly guard is handled


say "The guard winks at you from the depths of the guardhouse and allows you to pass.";

continue the action;


say "A surly guard with a pointy spear blocks your way.";

stop the action;

end if.