Stiffy Makane: Apocolocyntosis — 122 of 235

One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part Two - "Cleopatra"

Chapter One - "Throne Room"

Section One - "Furnishings"

Cleopatra's Throne Room is a room. It is north of Cleopatra's Palace. The description is "This is a small but sumptuously-decorated throne room. The throne itself, on a raised dais, is covered in gold leaf; red and purple velvets make up most of the remaining decor. A curtain of jewels hangs in front of a small doorway to the east, and the palace proper extends to the south."

The cleo_throne is scenery in Cleopatra's Throne Room. It is a supporter. The cleo_throne can be enterable. It is enterable. The description is "The throne is a wooden chair, covered in gilt, with lion feet and carved lions[apostrophe] heads." The printed name is "Cleopatra's throne". It is proper-named. Understand "Cleopatra's", "throne", "gold", "lion", "lions", "wood", "wooden", "gilt", "leaf", and "chair" as the cleo_throne.

Before entering the cleo_throne:

if Cleopatra is in Cleopatra's Throne Room, instead say "But Cleopatra is already occupying it."

The bead curtain is an open door. It is scenery. It is east of Cleopatra's Throne Room and west of Cleopatra's Boudoir. It is openable. The description is "Semiprecious jewels and glass beads hang from strings in the doorway. The effect is that of a shimmering curtain, providing privacy, and chiming when someone steps through it." Understand "tinkling", "jewel", "jewels", "glass", "bead", "beads", "string", "strings", and "shimmering" as the bead curtain. Instead of opening the bead curtain:

if the location is Cleopatra's Throne Room, instead try going east;

try going west.

The cleo_dais is scenery in Cleopatra's Throne Room. The description is "The dais is unremarkable: gray granite, smooth but not polished." Understand "dais", "smooth", "gray", and "granite" as the cleo_dais. The printed name is "dais".

Before going east from Cleopatra's Throne Room:

if Cleopatra is boinked


say "Cleopatra wags her finger at you. 'You can't go in there in my absence,' she warns.";

stop the action;

end if;

if Cleopatra is unaroused


say "In a voice like ice, Cleopatra purrs, 'That's my bedroom, and you have not been invited into it.'";

stop the action;


say "You part the beads and step through the tinkling curtain.";

end if.