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One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Chapter One - "The Palace Proper"

Cleopatra's Palace is a room. It is east of the Great Harbor. The description is "This is the Palace of Cleopatra, latest in the line of Ptolemies, successors to the ancient dynasties of the Pharoahs. Papyriform columns support a high sandstone ceiling. The Soma Mausoleum, where Alexander the Great's body is entombed, is to the east, steps descending to the crypt, while to the north scarlet silks frame the entrance to a small, brightly-lit throne room." Great Harbor is outside from Cleopatra's Palace.

Some papyriform columns are scenery in Cleopatra's Palace. "These columns are carved to look like very, very large stalks of papyrus." Understand "papyrus", "stone", "sandstone", "stalk", "stalks", and "papyrus" as the papyriform columns. Instead of pushing or pulling the papyriform columns, say "Samson, you're not." Instead of rubbing, touching, or wanking off the papyriform columns, say "The columns fail to excite you in that special way."

The high sandstone ceiling is a backdrop in Cleopatra's Palace. "The ceiling is made of tan sandstone, and it is quite far above you." Understand "tan" and "stone" as the high sandstone ceiling. Instead of doing anything other than examining with the high sandstone ceiling, say "It's far out of your reach." It is in Palace Grounds.

Some scarlet silks are scenery in Cleopatra's Palace. "Scarlet silk banners drape the entrance to the palace's throne room." Understand "red", "banner", and "banners" as the scarlet silks. Instead of taking the scarlet silks, say "They are securely attached to the walls." Instead of searching or looking under the scarlet silks, say "There are no rats behind the arras." Instead of touching or rubbing the scarlet silks, say "The silky texture is delightful. You ruefully concede that there is insufficient privacy to, er, adequately assess the texture of the silks."

Instead of fucking the scarlet silks:

if the stiffycock is not visible


say "You are not undressed for the occasion.";


try rubbing the scarlet silks;

end if.

The scenery_soma is scenery in Cleopatra's Palace. The description is "The Mausoleum is visible to the east, a purplish cubical porphyry structure." Understand "soma", "mausoleum", "porphyry", "cubical", "cube", "purple", "purplish", "brown", "brownish", "brown-purple", "structure", "tomb", and "building" as the scenery_soma. Instead of doing anything other than examining with the scenery_soma, say "It's too far away." The printed name is "Soma Mausoleum". It is proper-named.