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One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard

Release 1

Part Three - "Temple of Serapis"

The Temple of Serapis is south from the Canopic Way. "This is the largest of all the temples in the Greek quarter. It's really quite impressive. A marble statue of the god dominates the interior; worshippers throng around." [ Instead of going outside in the Temple of Serapis, try going north. ] Canopic Way is outside from The Temple of Serapis.

The statue of Serapis is scenery in the Temple of Serapis. "Serapis is identified with Pluto, and it's easy to see why: he's heavily-muscled, with a full beard. He's got a basket on his head, he carries a sceptre, a three-headed dog sits next to him, and there's a snake around the statue's base." Understand "stone", "marble", "beard", "full", "snake", "serpent", "base", and "sceptre" as the statue of Serapis. Instead of touching, fucking, pushing, pulling, rubbing, wanking off, tasting, or kissing the statue, say "Worshippers throng too closely around the statue for you to touch it."

The scenery_basket is scenery in the Temple of Serapis. Understand "basket", "fetching", "hat", "grain", "measure", and "modius" as the scenery_basket. The printed name is "basket". The description is "It's a basket, called a [italic type]modius[roman type], used for measuring grain. It's also a symbol of Hades for the Greeks. It makes a fetching hat." Instead of doing anything other than examining with the scenery_basket, say "It's out of reach."

The scenery_cerberus is scenery in the Temple of Serapis. The printed name is "Cerberus". The description is "Cerberus is a three-headed dog who guards the Land of the Dead. If the god is roughly human-sized (the statue is about twelve feet high), then Cerberus is only the size of, well, a big dog. The poets have made it sound as if the actual dog is much, much bigger." Understand "dog", "three", "three-headed", "Cerberus", and "hound" as the scenery_cerberus. Instead of touching, wanking off, kissing, pushing, pulling, tasting, or rubbing the scenery_cerberus, try touching the statue of Serapis.

Some worshippers are men in the Temple of Serapis. They are scenery. They are ambiguously plural. Understand "man", "men", "woman", "women", "worshipper", "postulant", and "postulants" as the worshippers. The default reply of the worshippers is "The worshippers are too engaged in their devotion to the god to speak to you." The worshippers are unspeakable. Instead of attacking or fucking the worshippers, say "Violence within temples is generally frowned upon." The description is "Men and women pay homage to Serapis."